Saturday, December 03, 2011

Royal Jelly May Help Treat colitis

The Effect of Royal Jelly on CD3+, CD5+, CD45+ T-Cell and CD68+ Cell Distribution in the Colon of Rats With Acetic Acid-Induced Colitis
Allergologia et Immunopathologia, In Press


Traditional medicines and health supplements have historically been used to treat many illnesses but most of them have not been evaluated objectively to prove their efficacy. We have been investigating the effects of royal jelly (RJ) supplements on acetic acid-induced colitis on the distribution of CD3+, CD5+, CD45+ T-cell and CD68+ cells in rats.


The rats were divided into four equal groups: control group, royal jelly-treated (RJ – 150 mg kg−1 body weight), acetic acid-treated (colitis) and acetic acid-treated (colitis) + royal jelly (CRJ – 150 mg kg−1 body weight). Colitis was induced by intracolonic instillation of 4% acetic acid; the control group received physiological saline (10 mL kg−1). Colon samples were obtained under deep anaesthesia from animals in four groups. Tissues were fixed in 10% formalin neutral buffer solution for 24 h and embedded in paraffin.


The proliferative response of CD3+ and CD45+ T cells stimulated with colitis was affected by colitis treated with RJ. No differences were found in CD5+ T cells and CD68+ macrophages in the colitis treated with RJ.


This study has shown that RJ has anti-inflammatory and cell regeneration effect in the colon of rats with acetic acid induced colitis.

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