Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Honey, Propolis Protect Against Effects of Radiation

Biophysical Studies of Some Bee Products as Radioprotectors

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The study had been planned to evaluate some antioxidant ingredients in honey and propolis. Also, a study on ionizing gamma irradiated rats was done to assess these antioxidants as radioprotectors. Bioactive ingredients, such as phenols, flavonoids and trace elements, were explored using FTIR, UV-Vis and AAS spectroscopic techniques.

Animals were exposed to fractionated gamma radiation doses. Honey, propolis and their combination were administrated before and during the irradiation period. Serum levels of total protein, albumin and uric acid were estimated. Also, the osmotic fragility of Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs) membranes and a microscopic examination of blood films were investigated.

The analysis demonstrated that the level of phenolic, flavonoid and trace elements are higher in propolis than honey. The levels of total protein and albumin decreased post irradiation while the level of uric acid increased. Likewise, osmotic fragility of RBCs membranes was increased with a sticking forming RBCs aggregation.

It had been found that administration of the natural antioxidants induced amelioration in most of the studied parameters. It can be concluded that natural antioxidants produced a modulation against oxidative stress induced by ionizing radiation.

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