Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Bee Venom Therapy in Bahrain

Creating a buzz over bee sting therapy...
By Raji Unnikrishnan, Gulf Daily News, November 04, 2014
A BAHRAIN-BASED bee lover is going against the grain by using the power of stings to bring relief to others.
Frank Ryde keeps more than 50,000 bees in the garden of his home in Sehla.
This one hive, together with the hundreds more he has back home on his estate in the heartlands of Sri Lanka, provide all Mr Ryde needs for his "apitherapy" - the name given to the use of honey bee products for medicinal purposes.
"Bee sting treatment is the best natural medicine and I don't charge people who come to me seeking for cures using bee stings, as I believe this is a God-gifted talent," he said.
"I apply an ice cube on the area where there is pain for a minute so that it becomes numb and then apply the sting.
"The bee venom spreads and the body creates antibodies, which is actually the medication for such ailments."…

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