Sunday, November 23, 2014

Manuka Honey Recommended for Digestive Disorders, Sore Throats, Hay Fever, and Even MRSA

If it’s not Manuka honey, it might as well be sugar
Lydia Slater, The Australian, November 21, 2014
PADDINGTON Bear may be flavour of the month at the cinema, but at the breakfast table it is Pooh’s tastes that reign supreme. Sales are soaring, partly thanks to honey’s growing reputation as a health superfood.
Honey is said to have antiseptic properties and to help with a variety of complaints from digestive disorders and sore throats to hay fever and even antibiotic-resistant MRSA. Several clinical studies support the traditional use of honey as a cough-soother.
Its ability to attract and retain moisture has also made it sought after as a beauty treatment — it’s said to have cleansing, exfoliating, anti-ageing and acne-ridding qualities. Beauties through the ages, from Cleopatra to Scarlett Johansson, have used honey as a complexion enhancer…

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