Thursday, August 02, 2007

Raw Local Honey Recommended for Allergy Relief

A Sweet Relief for Allergy Season
By Barbara Gerry, Spokesman Review (USA), 8/2/2007

Is eating local honey for allergy relief just an old wives' tale? Or can the sweet relief allergy sufferers seek from their nonstop miserable "cold" symptoms be as simple as eating two teaspoons of honey a day?

"Local honey" is honey that has been collected from beehives no more than 50 miles from where you live. The closer the hives, the more effective the honey will bee (pun intended) in alleviating allergy symptoms, it is believed.

While not a "cure," anything that eliminates my symptoms is cure enough for me. And this is a feeling shared by the many people who have found sweet relief by eating local honey…

Because raw, unfiltered, unheated honey contains bits and pieces of pollen, it becomes a powerful immune system booster, according to honeybee experts…

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