Friday, December 12, 2008

Canadian Apitherapist: ‘Everything Bees Produce is Healthy to Humans’

Beekeepers Descend on Falls for Annual Convention
By Marc Kilchling, Niagara Falls Review (Canada), 12/11/2008

There's a buzz by the Falls this week.

And it's not from the slot machines at Fallsview but rather from the Hilton across the street where beekeepers from across the country have swarmed for their annual convention.

Over 250 people have gathered to spend the next few days reviewing the latest research on hive health along with new uses for bees and their by-products…

Some beekeepers are seeking out uses for bees beyond the traditional honey.

Ann Board from Restoule, just a short hop southwest of North Bay, use bees and their products medicinally. The field is called apitherapy and it's growing fast, Board says.

"Everything bees produce is healthy to humans," Board explains.

From royal jelly – the food of the queen bee – to pollen and even bee venom, they all can be used to treat a variety of illnesses.

"For those suffering from allergies, a spoonful of local honey each day helps raise the immune system," she said.

The reason is simple: bees

Even plain old beeswax works as a wonderful healer for cuts and bruises, according to Board…

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