Thursday, January 08, 2009

Video: Doctor Develops Honey Cough Medication

Honey Don't Cough: Natural Alternative to Cough Medicine

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - …nearly 500 children in North America die every year because they are overdosed on cold medications.

That's why Dr. Chamberlain started researching natural remedies as an alternative for parents. "Buckwheat honey actually has more antioxidants properties. It has direct anti-microbial properties. You can take it and put it on bacteria and it has killed bacteria."

A 2007 Penn State study found Buckwheat honey was just as effective at treating symptoms as the main cough suppressant drug Dextromethorphan, but there are some drawbacks. The honey is as thick as molasses.

Dr. Chamberlain designed Honey Don't Cough in an easy-to-use packet. "The parent just holds it and slowly squeezes it out. It takes a kid about 5 -10 seconds to suck this out which actually gives it time to coat their throat."…

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