Friday, February 13, 2009

U.S. Beekeeper Develops Line of Propolis Products

Wiregrass Beekeeper Sees Role as Protector of Local Hives
By Peggy Ussery, Dothan Eagle, 2/13/2009

Roslyn Horton spent several years perfecting the recipe, combining bee propolis with emu oil.

Propolis, or bee glue collected from tree sap and plants, is a natural antibiotic. Honey bees use propolis to seal cracks in hives. Emu oil absorbs deep into the skin and has been used to fight muscle and joint aches, inflammation and even wrinkles. Combining the two natural products, Horton believed she could develop the perfect mix for insect bite treatments, lotions, soaps and lip balm.

She calls it Beemu. The distinctive logo is an emu with wings and the black-and-yellow colors of a honey bee.

Horton sells her products at local businesses around the Wiregrass — Sportsman’s Outfitters, Health Concepts and Shute Pecan Co. in Dothan and Emu Miracles near Headland. She prepares most of the mixtures on her farm in Newville, contracting the soap out to a soapmaker in Columbus, Ga…

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