Monday, July 11, 2011

Kate Middleton Boosts Bee Venom Alternative to Botox

A Right Royal Buzz
, 7/6/2011

Phones were ringing off the hook yesterday at Nelson Honey after a bee venom product produced by the company was reported to have been used by Kate Middleton.

Nelson Honey managing director Philip Cropp said four extra staff had to take phone orders for his Royal Nectar face cream yesterday, after bee venom was publicised as an alternative to botox.

The back blocks of Motupiko may seem a world away from Westminster Abbey but reports that the Duchess of Cambridge had used the cream prior to her wedding have provided a huge boost to Nelson Honey.

Mr Cropp said he was excited about the future of bee venom and believes it will become a lucrative industry. He was surprised to hear about royalty using his product. "I was very surprised, I didn't think it would go that far up the ladder, even Camilla used it," he said.

Mr Cropp has been extracting bee venom since 1997 on his rural Motupiko property south of Tapawera, using mild electric shocks to irritate the bees.

He discovered the venom had medicinal effects when he mistakenly gave some honey contaminated with venom to his neighbour, who had severe arthritis in his hands.

The neighbour found relief by eating the honey. "He showed that he could pick up a knife and fork," Mr Cropp said…

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