Friday, September 20, 2013

Honey: Viciously Effective Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs (Video)

By Jobs & Hire, 9/16/2013

Honey has been discovered to be highly efficient against drug resistant superbugs
Besides being used as sweeteners and as additional ingredient to a variety of sweet treats, honey has been used in the ancient times to treat bacteria.
And now, scientists believe that honey could be the key to unlocking the Achilles heel of several threatening drug-resistant bacteria that are responsible for hundreds of flu-related deaths all over the country. Several bacteria have evolved to become resistant to the antibiotics prescribed to kill them, due to overprescription, exposing the bacteria to develop immunity.
However, studies have revealed that a type of honey, called Manuka honey can fight these superbugs: it can kill the bugs and also prevent them from evolving a resistance to prescribed antibiotics…

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