Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Māori Land Owners to Help Increase Supply of Manuka Honey

Natural health company Comvita make beeline for Māori land
By Dean Nathan, Maori Television, Tuesday 7 October 2014
A major natural health company has signalled its wish to work in partnership with Māori land owners to increase its supply chain of manuka honey.
Like the bees, the natural health company Comvita are making a beeline for Māori land.
Chief executive of Comvita, Brett Hewlett says, “The role that Māori can play is really critical here.  It's a valuable resource, it's a scarce resource so we can grow the demand for the product almost as much as we like through good marketing and good branding.  But that’s no good if we can’t get the source of supply, and Māori are privileged to have access to some really great land resource.”…

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