Monday, December 22, 2014

Croatian Pet Medications Use Propolis, Bee Pollen

Dogs Treated with Natural Remedies Made from Bees
SWNS, 12/19/2014
Sick dogs are being treated for the first time with medicines made by BEES.
Natural remedies including pollen and honey have been given to humans for thousands of years.
But the benefits of the powerful remedy for man’s best friend had not been fully explored. 
Now a Croatian firm has managed for the first time to make medicines containing honey and pollen from bees that are effective.
Hedera has developed a unique product line for dogs called Apipet. It is an organic treatment based on bee products propolis and pollen.
A spokesman said: ‘Apipet are the only bee products in the world produced on completely natural and holistic principle.
‘The products are the result of years of research on the impact of bee products on health. Uniqueness of Apipet is that every product is made completely without any chemical method (extraction, synthesis, dissolving in alcohol, etc.), any additives (flavours, colors, bulking or anti caking agents.), which are commonly used in production of supplements.’
Apipet line is made of five products intended for special purposes and different body system in dogs: immunity, digestion, skin and hair, cartilage and joints, strength and vitality…

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