Friday, May 08, 2015

Brazilian Propolis Sold Direct to Consumers

Brazil-Arab News Agency, 5/6/2015

São Paulo – The most common path for small businesses to export is to find a distributor to work the market and make their product known to future foreign customers. This was not the case for Wax Green, a São Paulo-based company that sells honey and propolis. They started exporting directly to end consumers 12 years ago, and still do.

“We deal in propolis and the Chinese really enjoy it. Someone from China bought our product here in Brazil, then went back to his country and wanted to buy again,” says Letícia Giron, the company’s director. According to her, the product became popular in China through word of mouth.

Now, the company also sells to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Canada, Spain, the Czech Republic, Chile and Greece. “They get in touch via email, make a deposit and I mail the goods,” says Giron, who reveals she has never carried out any international promotional actions. All sales are initiated by customers who find the company online. The product is shipped by mail or other postal delivery services.

Wax Green also produces honey and propolis of the brown variety, but only exports the green kind. “Green propolis originates from rosemary flower and is the strongest there is. It has higher flavonoid content, which strengthens immunity. Ours is a high quality product,” says Giron about the product she ships abroad. Propolis is extracted from flowers by bees in a process similar to honey’s, and is used as a therapeutic product to treat several conditions...

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