Sunday, August 02, 2015

Benefits of Honey and Ways in Which You Can Use It

NDTV Food, July 28, 2015

The Benefits of Honey

1. Honey as an Energy Booster - According to National Honey Board, "Honey is a source of carbohydrates, providing 17 grams per tablespoon, which makes it ideal for your working muscles since carbohydrates are the primary fuel the body uses for energy."  Honey is known to be a natural fuel and you should have a spoonful of it just before your workout. Like sugar, it's part fructose and part glucose which makes it a great energy booster.

2. Honey as an Anti-Bacterial - Honey has great anti-bacterial properties which is why it's always been a part of traditional medicine. But that does not mean all kinds of honey can be used for this purpose. How effective it is depends on where it's sourced from and how old it is.

3. Honey as an Anti-Inflammatory - As stated by Dr Ritika Samaddar, Dietics, Max Hospital, "Honey is a very effective remedy for anti-inflammation but not all kinds are helpful. Your popular, everyday brands are more synthetic and less natural so they might not help you at all. Try raw honey or naturally extracted honey because that can cure inflammation by throwing toxins out of your body."...

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