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Propolis Used to Treat Enlarged Prostate, Dandruff, Acne, Nail Fungus, Toothache, Ear Infections, Gastritis, Chronic Rhinitis


October 13, 2018

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Бджоли-робітниці без кінця виробляють його! Мало хто знає, як правильно приймати… 

Propolis is a dark resinous substance produced by bees to glossing over cracks and isolation from foreign objects in the hive. Its other name is bee glue, in ancient times it was called the UGA, bee balm bee or plaster.

Bee glue has very strong antimicrobial properties. Thanks to the propolis the bees in the hive is always clean and pristine. Using propolis, bees mummified any insect or animal, such as a mouse, which they can’t get out of his nest, thus preventing rotting and decay.


Due to its unique properties propolis is able to cope with many internal and external diseases. However, to achieve a positive effect, it must apply correctly. Dry propolis is used quite rarely, most often treatment is with the help of his tinctures.

In late February, I began to treat a sore throat, which worried me, no matter what medications I tried. A friend advised me to take tincture of propolis. I really was hoping for a quick result, but after a couple of days of bothersome pain in the throat disappeared.

Tincture of propolis once again proved its effectiveness, and I was curious to know what kind of healing properties it possesses. I already own the experience felt, how she copes with the cold, but how else can I use it?


With stomatitis

Stomatitis hurts both children and adults. How to get rid of this disease without going to hospital? Really effective treatment — tincture of propolis.

Help with stomatitis rinse the mouth alcohol tincture of propolis. To start razbaby drug. In 1 Cup of warm liquid (milk, water) you need to add 15-20 grams of solution. Do rinse recommend about 1 month. Alcohol tincture is also used in the form of lotions.


Propolis for gastritis helps to relieve inflammation and pain. Thus it can be used with any acidity, including increased.Treatment of gastritis propolis involves strict control of the doctor and several different regimens, which ideally can be individualized after a complete diagnosis.

Chronic gastritis can be treated with 20% alcohol tincture. For this purpose it is necessary to take 40 drops three times per day. Drinking the extract of bee glue takes about two weeks. This assignment to do in normal and high acidity.

For toothache

Teeth and gums is generally a sore subject, and when they get sick, want to climb the wall. But if you have propolis, to relieve pain and make your mouth healthier can be a few procedures.Propolis not just temporarily relieves pain, eliminates unpleasant process, prevents the bacteria to continue the destructive influence to tissues of the tooth.

Rinse your mouth with tincture of propolis for tooth pain 3-4 times a day. So you will remove the inflammation of the gums, destroyed a fair amount of harmful bacteria that will get rid of the pain.

For otitis

For otitis media can be instilled 2 drops of the tincture in each ear to relieve inflammation. When purulent inflammation of the middle ear it is necessary to prepare the cords of the bandage, moisten the cloth in the tincture and insert in the ear for 20 minutes, pre gently clearing the ear pus.

In acute or chronic rhinitis

The mucosa of the nasopharynx — a hotbed of pathogenic microorganisms, which increase the symptoms of disease and weaken the immune system. To accelerate the treatment of chronic rhinitis, nasal wash salt solution with tincture of propolis.1 glass of water, take half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of tincture of propolis. Rinse nose best using special tools (available at pharmacies). You can use a small teapot infuser.

Got up the spout of the pot into your right nostril, tilt your head to the left, the water should be poured through the left nostril. Then do the same thing, washing the left side...

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