Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Slovenia Uses Sounds of Honey Bees as an Anti-Stress, Anti-Anxiety Relaxation Aid

How Slovenia uses the sound of bees to relax

By Martina Zoldos
30th July 2020

The country has a time-honoured tradition of using the sounds of bees buzzing to relax everyone from firefighters to school children, acting as an alleviant for anxiety and stress.

In our high-stress, modern society, there’s luckily no shortage of relaxation aids: bedtime story audio apps, phone-free offices, or ASMR, hypnotic YouTube videos of people whispering or crinkling wrapping paper into a microphone to help people drift to sleep.

But in Slovenia, there’s one relaxation technique that may actually shock some people, especially entomophobes: lying down in a room filled with cages of thousands of buzzing bees...

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