Saturday, December 15, 2007

Call for Papers for the 6th German Apitherapy Congress with International Participation

When: March 28-30, 2008
Where: Holiday Inn Hotel, Passau, Germany

We are kindly asking all scientists and practitioners interested to participate as a speaker/author to our coming event in Passau, Germany, to send us first the title(s) of their presentations/posters, then their abstracts, as soon as possible.

Please forward this important message to all people you might think interested to be in Passau at the end of March next year.

The first details on our Congress, Expo, Pre- and Post-Congress Workshops are already listed in

Your feedback will be highly appreciated, so please do write to all the below e-mail addresses.

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu

President of the German Apitherapy Society


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