Sunday, December 23, 2007

Miniature Fuel Cell Harnesses the Power of Bee Venom

Kathryn Young, CanWest News Services, 12/16/2007

Harnessing the power of ant bites and bee stings, a B.C. company has developed a micro fuel cell that will come on the market next year to recharge cellphones, digital cameras, iPods or any other electronic device anywhere, anytime.

"It's like carrying your wall plug around with you," said Neil Huff, chief executive officer of Burnaby-based Tekion. "It'll charge your cellphone at the same rate the wall plug does."

Tekion's recharger, which contains a miniature fuel cell that runs on formic acid - the same chemical emitted as venom by biting ants and bees - is about the size of a BlackBerry and should retail for under $100…

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