Sunday, December 23, 2012

Apimedica: Bee Venom Dose Should Be Adjusted for Each Person, Illness - 蜂针疗法用蜂量的思考

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Understanding of Bee Dose in Bee Needle Therapy
WANLAI Si-qi, LI Wan-yao*, CAO Xi-jun
(Acupucture and Massage College, Guangzhou University of TCM, Guangzhou 510405, China)
Bee needle therapy was widely welcomed by patients, while there was no standards of bee dose in clinical. For the same disease, some only use a few bees to obtain good results, some use more than hundreds bees. There are great risks and dangers. This article explores this issue.
The dose of bee should be adjusted according to different people, time and illness. A new patient with a small dose is better. Bee Sting quantity generally starts from 1-2, the allergy period maintain 1-3 is appropriate. The dose of patients who had bee needle therapy for a long time may be appropriate to increase, generally maintained at about 10. Severe cases may where appropriate, increase to 30 to 50. Physically weak, sick light, re-treatment should be a small amount of bee needle treatment. Physically strong, the seriously ill who may be appropriate to increase the bee amount. For patients with light disease 1 time a week or two week, they often recover after string 1-3 times. For patients with general acute or severe diseases, once a day, continuing for 2-3 courses or more of treatment. For prevention of recurrence, consider once a month. Small bee dose can’t treat the disease, excessive lead to serious consequences. Strictly control the amount of bee, in order to alleviate the suffering of patients with the most appropriate amount.
Corresponding author,
赖思琪,李万瑶*, 曹喜俊
(广州中医药大学,广州 510405,中国)
针疗法在受到患者的广泛欢迎的同时,临床上的用蜂量尚无规范,有的仅用数只蜂治疗取得良好的 效果,有的用上百只治疗同样的疾患,存在极大的风险和危险。本文针对于此探讨了蜂针疗法用量,认为:针量应因人、因时、因病施治。新患者少量为佳,12 只始,过敏期内维持13 为宜;久蜂可适当加 量,一般维持在10 只左右,严重者可酌情加大至3050 只。体虚、病轻、复针者宜少量蜂针治疗,体实、病重者可适当增加蜂量。病情轻浅者可以每周或隔周1 次,13 次可愈;急性病、严重病者需每日1 次,持23 疗程,或更久;预防复发可1 1 次。小蜂量难以愈病,过量易导致严重后果,要严格把握好

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