Thursday, December 20, 2012

Video: Bee Venom Facials the Latest Beauty Craze

Celebrities in the United Kingdom, including Duchess Kate Middleton, are abuzz about the latest beauty craze - bee sting facials.
Scientists get the venom by placing bees in a glass container and sending vibrations through it so that the bees will attack. The venom is then purified for use and applied as a facial.
"So just like getting stung by a bee caused a numbing kind of a relaxation of the muscles, just overall blood flow, this treatment will help with speeding up circulation also reducing collagen while adding overall radiance to the skin," says Danielli Marcelino, of Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa.
"It feels good," said Linda Hanoneh, who got one of the facials. "It doesn't hurt at all. Just a little tingle that's all."
It is recommended to get the facial, which costs $145, every six weeks.

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