Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Honey Effective in Treating Leg Ulcers

Honey's On Menu for a Healthy Life
By Grainne Cunningham, Independent (Ireland), 11/4/2008

It's the little things that count -- eating up your greens, chatting to your family and friends and plain old honey are all key to staying healthy, new research has shown.

'A picture of health 2008' is a booklet capturing outcomes from research funded by the Health Research Board (HRB) and it demonstrates that the path to good health includes some fairly simple remedies.

One study, conducted at the Royal College of Surgeons, has discovered that manuka honey is a highly effective method of treating wounds such as leg ulcers.

During a clinical trial, 108 patients received either manuka honey or the standard treatment, hydrogel.

After 12 weeks, the wounds of those treated with honey were more likely to have healed. The honey also eradicated a dangerous infection that was present in some of the wounds in 70pc of cases, compared with a success rate of just 16pc for hydrogel.

Manuka honey is now available as a medical therapy for wound treatment, but don't go out and buy your own as it must be medical-grade honey which is sterile and safe to use...

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