Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Korean Bee Venom Collector

ChungJin Biotech Develops a New Electro-Stimulation Bee Venom Collector and World's First Digital Honeybee Artificial Insemination Instrument
Business Wire, 10/31/2008

ChungJin Biotech Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of Bee Venom Collector and fluid bed granulation coating machines in South Korea, announced today that they have developed a new electro-stimulation Bee Venom Collator and the world’s first Honeybee Artificial Insemination Instrument with integrated digital screen. Along with their development, the company also announced that they will begin global marketing with these products, focusing on Europe and Latin America.

ChungJin’s new Bee Venom Collector extracts bee-venom through an electrical shock to a live bee, while minimizing the time spent for the electricity of 12V for the shock. As a result, the death rate of the bees used in the machine is reduced significantly. Also, it uses safety glass, stainless, and enhanced plastic material in order to achieve superb safety, durability, and lightweight convenience for producers at bee farms…

Choul-Koo Kim, CEO and president of ChungJin Biotech, said, “Compared to current products in the market, ChungJin’s new Bee Venom Collector provide very efficient bee venom collection by minimizing the damages to the bees and therefore generate more profits for the bee farms. Also, ChungJin`s Honeybee artificial Insemination Instrument is integrated with digital media device, which helps saving the cost for the machine since it doesn’t require any additional devices for the insemination process.”

“Because of the side effects from abusing antibiotics, there are numerous researches around the world to find the replacement for it. Bee Venoms are well known as natural antibiotics, which means that there is a great potential for bee venoms market and lots of opportunities ahead of us,” he added...

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