Saturday, October 10, 2009

Acacia Honey Boosts Wound Healing

Effects of Acacia Honey on Wound Healing in Various Rat Models
Phytotherapy Research, Published Online: 7 Oct 2009

Honey is a traditional remedy for the treatment of infected wounds, and is becoming more important as microbial resistance to conventional therapeutic agents increases.

A study was conducted to assess the wound-healing activity of Acacia honey using incision, excision, burn and dead-space wound models in rats. Different formulations of honey were used and rats were treated topically as well as orally.

Both the higher and lower doses of honey produced a significant effect on healing. The area of epithelization was found to increase, followed by an increase in wound contraction, skin-breaking strength, tissue granulation. The hydroxyproline content also increased in the rats treated with higher doses of honey compared to control, indicating an increase in collagen formation.

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