Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Zealand Apitherapy Firm Appoints R&D Manager

Scientist-Author to Head R&D at Manuka Health New Zealand
Business to Business, 2/4/2010

Food scientist and author Dr Lynne Chepulis has been appointed Research and Development Manager at honey health science company Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd.

Announcing the appointment, Chief Executive Kerry Paul said Manuka Health is expanding R&D to advance its position in the $100 million manuka honey export industry.

“We need more in-house capability to exploit scientific advances in the uses for bee products,” he said. “Dr Chepulis is the ideal person to lead that.”

Manuka Health is the only company to certify the level of the active ingredient methylglyoxal responsible for the antibacterial activity of its MGO™ manuka honey products. It also markets non-honey bee products such as Bio30™ propolis which international researchers are investigating for its cancer-blocking properties...

Her Phd at the University of Waikato’s honey research unit was a joint project with Fonterra to investigate the health advantages of honey over other sugars.

She is the author of a book “Healing Honey: A Natural Remedy for Health and Wellness” and numerous peer-reviewed publications…

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