Saturday, April 03, 2010

Propolis an Effective Miticide in Bee Hives

Bioactivity of Propolis from Different Geographical Origins on Varroa Destructor
Parasitol Res, 2010 Mar 25

Varroa destructor is an ectoparasitic mite that affects colonies of honey bee Apis mellifera worldwide. In the last years, substances of botanical origin have emerged as natural alternative acaricides to diminish the population levels of the mite.

In the present work, the bioactivity of propolis from different geographical locations of Pampean region from Argentina on V. destructor was evaluated.

Fourteen propolis samples were organoleptic and physicochemically characterized and, by means topical applications, their activity was tested on mites. All propolis had a homogeneous composition and the bioactivity levels against mites were comparable among the different propolis samples. The percentage of mites killed by the treatments ranged between 60.5% and 90% after 30 s of exposure. Thus, V. destructor was highly susceptible to propolis. Moreover, the mites remained anesthetized during the first hours after topical treatment.

The results suggest that propolis from Argentinean pampas could be incorporated in honey bee colonies as acaricidal treatment by spraying.

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