Monday, August 23, 2010

Bee Venom Works Better Than Botox

The A-List’s Secret Beauty Weapon
By Claire O'Boyle, The Mirror, 8/18/2010

As more and more A-listers turn their backs on Botox and invasive beauty treatments, one woman is credited with leading the trend toward natural facial work.

Debbie Mitchell has made such an impression, she’s even convinced Botox fan Dannii Minogue to ditch the jabs – and the X Factor judge now raves about her natural facials...

And she claims her bee venom treatment works even better than Botox. “Like Botox, bee venom makes the skin relax,” says Debbie, who runs Heaven Health and Beauty.

“This is partly what makes it look younger. But unlike Botox, bee venom stimulates the blood supply coming into the skin, improving its condition. Long-term, bee venom will improve the skin, while Botox will damage it. To maintain the look, people have to use Botox over and over again.”...

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