Sunday, August 08, 2010

Propolis Toothpaste Promotes Healing

High Functional Tooth Paste Made From Nanoemulsion Gel [Article in Hungarian]
Fogorv Sz, 2010 Jun;103(2):39-41

The authors report their experience connected with the introduction of "functional toothpaste" in Hungary. This cream (gel), propered by means of nanotechnological methods, contains vitamins C and E, propolis and various herb extracts. It is manufactured in South Korea and is commercially available in the USA, among others. It protects the gingiva, and its use is recommended in cases of diseases of the oral mucosa.

The experience in Hungary indicates that it is well applicable after surgery in the oral cavity (it promotes wound healing), in cases involving processes in the oral cavity that heal with difficulty, and during the healing of burn wounds (e.g. after laser surgery). In view of the favourable experience, its distribution in Hungary can be recommended.

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