Saturday, November 27, 2010

China Starts to Scrutinize Food Firms Against Propolis Adulteration

BEIJING, Nov. 25, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) -- China's food and drug authority has ordered meticulous checks of health food firms to prevent the use of tree gum to make propolis-based food.
The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) issued a circular Thursday and asked its local agencies to scrutinize the health food producers, which shall be "severely dealt with" for any illegal activities, especially the fraudulent use of tree gum as bee resin.

This move came after local media recently reported that some bee propolis products in China's market are actually tree gum that had been adulterated in order to save on production costs.

According to the circular, all health food firms should work to keep a record of information concerning the purchase of raw materials including propolis, ensure the suppliers of raw materials are traceable, and take measures to guarantee the quality of raw materials...

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