Friday, November 05, 2010

Honey Component Induces Colon Cancer Cell Death

Apoptotic Effect of Eugenol in Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines
Cell Biol Int, 2010 Nov 2

Eugenol, a natural compound available in honey and various plants extracts including cloves and Magnoliae Flos, is exploited for various medicinal applications. Since most of the drugs used in the cancer are apoptotic inducers, the apoptotic effect and anticancer mechanism of eugenol were investigated against colon cancer cells…

Eugenol treatment resulted in reduction of intracellular non-protein thiols and increase in the earlier lipid layer break. Further events like dissipation of MMP and generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) were accompanied in the eugenol-induced apoptosis.

Augmented ROS generation resulted in the DNA fragmentation of treated cells as shown by DNA fragmentation and TUNEL assay. Further activation of poly-adenosine diphosphate-ribose polymerase (PARP), p53 and caspase-3 were observed in the western blot analyses.

Our results demonstrated molecular mechanism of eugenol-induced apoptosis in human colon cancer cells. This research will further enhance eugenol as a potential chemopreventive agent against colon cancer.

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