Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Apitherapy Quality Standards Project

By Horacio Mezziga, ApiNews, 3/21/2011

The Apitherapy Commission of Apimondia has set up new program to establish a standard of quality for products pertaining to Apitherapy. The program will provide a Gold Label which will protect the name apitherapy from being used for products that fail to reach the standards demanded in medicine.

Many years of research in the apitherapy field have given rise to more and more products being offered. A very large number of them are of good quality and have valid scientific references. But we begin to see on the market products we think of as worrisome, as they threaten the credibility of a science thousands of years old. Those very products could be then used to discredit the whole validity of our work.

Firms interested in participating should send their dossier as PDF to the President of the Commission, Dr. Théodore Cherbuliez…

The Commission will answer within three months. Upon favorable rating, the Gold Label will be granted for use on the product, its packaging and all communications about this product…

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