Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Honey Effective Against Infections, Dental Plaque and Cavities, Gingivitis and Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Honey in oral health and care: a mini review

Journal of Oral Biosciences
Available online 3 January 2019

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Honey is a natural product made from the nectar of flowers by honey bees and has over 200 compounds in it, including sugars, water, organic acids, minerals and polyphenols - the exact structure and composition of honey often determined by which plant source(s) the honey bee took the nectar from. Honey has been used in diets and medicines for thousands of years; however, this review, for the first time, aims to look at its place in modern medicine concerning oral health.


The present review for the first time attempted to address the protective effect of honey in the oral care.


For the first time this review addresses the usefulness of honey against Streptococcus mutans infections, dental plaque and caries, gingivitis and halitosis. Honey was also useful in preventing side effects associated with treatment of cancers of the head and neck, namely, radiation induced mucositis, xerostomia and poor wound healing. This is well supported by evidence in literature and was examined in this review.

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