Thursday, March 06, 2008

One-Third of Chinese Bee Products Not Up to Standard

Shenzhen's Honey Product Qualification Rate At 66%
China Industry Daily News, 3/6/2008

(Mar. 6, 2008)- The inspection on Shenzhen City's honey products included 100 batches of products from 75 producers in 22 provinces and cities. More specifically, it involved 80 batches of honey, 12 batches of bee pollen and 8 batches of royal jelly, with the overall qualification rate at 66%...

Of the total 80 batches of honey, only 48 batches were up to the standards, accounting for 60%, while 10 of the total 12 batches of bee pollen met the required standards, with the qualification rate hitting 83.3%, and eight batches of royal jelly were fully qualified.

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