Friday, March 20, 2009

Healing Power of Honey

By Tracy Madden, WOWT-TV, 3/19/2009

Check medicine cabinets these days, and there's a greater chance you'll find honey inside.

A lot of it stems from a medical study in 2007. Researchers found giving honey to children was more effective than a common cough syrup.

Anne Monahan of Omaha uses it on her four children. Monahan said "It was just something they liked, it was easy, and it really did calm their throat and suppress it."'

Doctor John Andresen with Children's Physicians is a believer. While honey is not an option for anyone under one due to the increased risk of Botulism, Doctor Andresen recommends other patients give it a try.

He says honey has a lower pH, making it more of an acid which inhibits bacterial growth. It causes water to be released, drawing out bacteria. Honey has plant compounds in it, with antibacterial properties. Certain honey compounds produce Hydrogen Peroxide, which kills bacteria. Doctor John Andresen said "Honey has been used for two to three thousand years. There's evidence it was used in ancient Egyptian times. The texts were translated and it was used for cough and upper respiratory issues but also for skin infections and wound infections."

Customers at "It's All About Bees" in Ralston have heard the buzz. More people are sweetening food with honey, looking for a natural way to boost their health. The owners say claims are backed up one jar of honey at a time. Wendy Fletcher said "Usually they'll try it, buy a small jar and they try it and allergies aren't near as bad so then they usually come back."

It's not just about taking honey when we're sick. There are plenty of people who take it as a preventative measure, like a daily multi-vitamin. At "It's All About Bees" they recommend a tablespoon every day for adults, a teaspoon every day for kids…

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