Friday, March 20, 2009

Major Royal Jelly Allergens Identified

Characterization of Major Allergens of Royal Jelly Apis mellifera
Trop Biomed, 2008, Dec;25(3):243-51

Royal jelly is widely consumed in the community and has perceived benefits ranging from promoting growth in children and improvement of general health status to enhancement of longevity for the elderly. However, royal jelly consumption has been linked to contact dermatitis, acute asthma, anaphylaxis and death.

High prevalence of positive skin tests to royal jelly have been reported among atopic populations in countries with a high rate of royal jelly consumption. The present study is aimed to identify the major allergens of royal jelly…

In conclusion, the major allergens of royal jelly are MRJ1 and MRJ2 in our patients' population.

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