Monday, June 21, 2010

Beekeeper Attributes Long Life, Health to Honey

Prince Proves Honey is Nature’s True Elixir
By Patrick Flanagan, The Daily Iberian, 6/20/2010

AVERY ISLAND — David Prince, 84, has baffled doctors by maintaining a body free from sickness and arthritis while living a long, hard-working life.

Prince credits his vigor to honey, which he described as the “only perfect food on Earth.”

“My doctor can’t understand it,” Prince said. “He tells his nurses: ‘He’s in better shape than me.’”…

“Honey doesn’t spoil because bacteria doesn’t grow on it,” he said. “It’s better to give children honey to cure their coughs. I even rub it on bruises and cuts, and they never get infected.”

Prince’s wife, Dorothy Prince, 73, who was a schoolteacher for 32 years, said every September, like clockwork, she would become ill with flu-like symptoms.

But after meeting and befriending Prince in the late 1960s, she said, “Since I got on honey, I haven’t had any allergies or colds.”…

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