Friday, July 23, 2010

Bee Sting Therapy for Pain Relief

The Sting of a Honeybee vs. Chronic Arthritic and Neural Body Aches

...An alternative medicine that is gaining support is the treatment of chronic joint, bone and neural pain is apitherapy. This alternative treatment is also known as honeybee-sting therapy.

Honeybee Sting Therapy as an Anti-Inflammatory

Apitherapy (honeybee sting therapy) includes the medicinal and dietary health uses of bee products including raw honey, pollen, bee propolis and pollen, as well as honeybee venom. The alternative health application of the sting of the honeybee can have profound anti-inflammatory properties for those whom have sought relief elsewhere and found none.

The honeybee sting is used as an alternative and possibly last-resort treatment for people with long-term and chronic joint, bone and muscular-skeletal aches that are unresponsive to conventional medicines.

Upon taking an allergy test to rule out the possibility of a potentially deadly or fatal anaphylaxic reaction to the honeybee venom, a course of live honeybee stings is given to the patient from a practitioner of apitherapy. A series of live honeybees is pressed against the skin of the patient whereby the sting is delivered, and the honeybee dies. There is the usual intense pain of the site of the sting which usually subsides within a few minutes and dulls to a minor pain.

Usually as few as four honeybees are applied in this manner every second day is a starter treatment. As the patient becomes desensitized and they can tolerate the bee stings more easily, as many dozens of such honeybee stings can be given every second day for up to several months in some treatment regimens. The severity and nature of the patient’s condition dictates the intensity and duration of honeybee-sting therapy...

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