Thursday, July 29, 2010

FDA Approves New Honey Wound Dressing

Links Medical Products Announces Approval for Sale of New MANUKApli® Sterile Wound Dressing

Irvine, California (Vocus) July 27, 2010 - Links Medical Products Inc. (LMP), a leader in the manufacture and marketing of innovative, caring products for use in both acute and long-term care, announces FDA approval for the sale of MANUKApli Sterile Wound Dressing. MANUKApli is 100% medical-grade Manuka honey in an easy-to-use applicator tube.

MANUKApli is the pure, all-natural solution to manage and treat wounds and burns that are not producing excessive exudate. Extensive research demonstrates that medical-grade Manuka honey offers bacteriostatic1, anti-inflammatory1, and antioxidant2,3 properties to promote accelerated wound healing. Manuka honey also maintains a moist healing environment1,4 and helps clean and debride wounds1,4 while controlling malodors.1,5

MANUKApli is designed for ease of use. It can be applied either directly to the wound bed or to a primary dressing.

MANUKApli is ideal for a variety of partial- or full-thickness wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate, including burns, skin tears, and small abrasions.

“MANUKApli is unique among Manuka honey products because it is made from 100% medical-grade Manuka honey, so it is never a blend,” states Tom Buckley, CEO of Links Medical Products. “We harvest it from our hives dedicated to bees that pollinate only the Manuka bush (a species known as Leptospermum scoparium), native to New Zealand.”

MANUKApli is part of LMP’s ManukaMed® brand of advanced wound care (AWC) dressings. Great care is taken to ensure that the products are of the highest standard in purity and bioactivity. The ManukaMed brand of medical-grade Manuka honey is finely filtered to remove all processing particles and sterilized by gamma irradiation to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms, and spores. Gamma irradiation also assures that the honey retains its biologic activity…

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