Monday, September 06, 2010

Indian Scientist Invents Bee Venom Extractor

Inventor of the Bee Venom Extractor
Amrut Mantri, Jagran CityPlus, 9/3/2010

Bee venom extractor, an advanced, high-tech electronic technology, developed for the first time in India has proved to be a major breakthrough in extracting the bee venom in large quantity, from the sting of thousands of honey bees at a time, without killing a single honey bee.

Amrut Mantri, ex-scientist from TIFR, ECIL and NCL residing in Pune, Model Colony, who has invented this unique electronic system, has made a remarkable contribution to science and research in India, by devising this system. This technology is being successfully deployed and used for about three decades in India, by several Agriculture and Apiculture Universities for research and training.

The Bee Venom Extractor has been installed with live demonstration by extracting and collecting the Venom from the Mellifera Italian Honey Bees in the Department of Entomology and Apiculture at the Yashwant Singh Parmar Agriculture University and Forestry, Government of Himachal Pradesh, Nauni, Solan and also at All India Coordinated Project on Honey Bee Research and Training (ICAR) Department of Entomology, Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur-Bihar.

The unique chemical properties of the Bee Venom relieve pains of Arthritis, Rheumatic and Sciatica or caused by Gout Strain or sports injury. The Bee Venom cream also gives you relief.

Talking more on this Mantri said, "The Bee Venom has long history in European folk medicine, and its unique chemical properties are now receiving serious scientific attention in many countries.

Topical application of Bee Venom successfully relieves suffering of muscle and joint pain. Bee Venom contains more than 18 biological active substances which cannot be produced by any synthetic methods. Although bees are totally dependent on plants, their venom contains no vegetable substances. Special glands in their abdomen secrete substances which form the mysterious bee venom once they are mixed. If the venom enters the human body for the first time via a bee sting, it can cause considerable swelling and skin irritation. This is why people have an almost instinctive fear of approaching a honey bee colony."…


shalom said...

I am very interested in studying an apitherapy related topic for my masters degree in Entomology. Does anyone have an idea of what direction I should target my research?

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MIK said...

I am interested in keep in contact with Mr. Mantri, because of I am interested on his new invention, his bee venom extractor. Thanks in advance.

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abmantri said...

Hello Miguel,
Many thanks for showing interest in the Bee Venom Extractor. This unique technology has helped science and research for over 3 decades and has brought profits to many organisations by selling the venom extracted from bees. Please let me know if you require any information on this equipment and if I can be of any help to you.
Mr. Mantri.

José Cabrera said...

I am very interested in his invention, the extraction team of bee venom, I would like more information

mar said...

I am also interested in how this system works and if possible purchase this machine. kindly help me get information about this machine and the price thank you so much for this informative article.

marwyn said...

kindly give me more information about this invention how to use it advantages disadvantages and the price if possible thank you email is thanks!

i am also an apiarist so this would be really helpful

Anonymous said...

that's wonderful.may i see the picture of the device?

Unknown said...

mr mantri, i am very happy to heir that you invent bee venom collector. i m beekeeper in punjab. i am serching for bee venom collector. please tell me from where i can get the bee venom collecor. i really need it as soon as possible.
amit arora

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mantri,

Could you please send me more information regarding your bee venom collector and how much it costs?

Thank you!

Joseph W. Bartell
Beekeeper/ Ameican Apitherapy Society Member
Boston, MA, USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Mantri, I have recently been studying about Bee Venom and stumbled on this page.. so, Congratulations on your invention. I would like to know the price of this bee collector. Could you please send me more details in this regard.

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Hi Mantri..first of all congratulations...
I would like to purchase this ..could you send me the details and price.
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