Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the Beekeeper Who's Championing the Healing Power of Pure Honey

By Jo Fairley, Daily Mail (UK), 9/18/2010

To listen to Gloria, there is nothing that her antibacterial bee products can’t help with: from burns to prostate problems, coughs to eczema and psoriasis, mouth ulcers to hay fever. (As Gloria chauffeured me the eight miles from Troway to Chesterfield Station, she fielded five calls on her mobile’s speakerphone from sneeze-free customers wanting to re-order.)

Anecdotally, bee stings can be helpful for multiple sclerosis, and also arthritis, ‘Which is probably why I don’t have it,’ she says cheerfully. ‘In some countries, “apitherapy” is registered as a medicine, and the US is trying to create regulations for its use.’

Honey has been used to treat infected surgical wounds in hospitals, overpowering even MRSA. ‘It’s not a surprise to me,’ Gloria notes. (Florence Nightingale used it, apparently, during the Crimean War.)…

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