Saturday, October 16, 2010

Honey Boosts Healing of Radiation Burns Following Breast Surgery

Pentoxifylline and Local Honey for Radiation-Induced Burn Following Breast Conservative Surgery
Curr Clin Pharmacol, 2010 Sep 6

Introduction: Breast-conserving therapy is currently the standard of management of breast cancer cases. Radiotherapy is an integral part of it; however, it has several complications. Radiation induced burn is a common complication of radiotherapy that requires more effective lines of management rather than the classically used ones. We investigated whether the addition of pentoxifylline (PTX) alone or in combination with topical honey is effective in its management compared to the standard measures.

Methods and Materials: In this prospective study, patients were randomly allocated into three groups each of 50 cases. Group A received standard burn treatment (control group). Group B received additionally 400 mg PTX twice daily. Group C received the same treatment as Group B with adding topical purified honey ointment. Patients were assessed initially and subsequently after 4 and 12 weeks, for projected coetaneous surface area (PCSA) of burn, Pain severity, limitation of movement and exudation.

Results: There was a striking regression of the mean PCSAs of lesions among groups B and C at 12 weeks, with reduction rates (86±61%) and (76±58%) respectively (p<0.0001***). The addition of honey was associated with marked pain reliving effect and rescue of proper motion. Finally, honey was associated with shorter duration of treatment as 74% of group C patients completely recovered after 12 weeks, compared to only 54% and 36% of groups B and A in order.

Conclusion: Combination of PTX and honey is an ideal measure for treatment of radiation-induced burn following breast conservative surgery.

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