Thursday, October 07, 2010

Royal Jelly Used in New Skin Care Serum

Guerlain Offers Healing Honey
Bee goodness is harnessed in Guerlain’s latest serum.
By Patsy Kam, The Star (Malaysia), 10/7/2010

According to French skincare brand Guerlain, research has demonstrated that the tissue reconstruction process, responsible for the repair of both wrinkles and loss of firmness, shares biological factors with the healing process.

Look young: Guerlain’s latest Youth Serum containing royal jelly…

Guerlain believes in harnessing the best that nature has to offer and this has led it to identify natural bee products, which are known to be some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances.

The ingredients of the Pure Royal Concentrate (royal jelly) act on key biological factors involved in tissue reconstruction: migration of cells to damaged areas that will help reconstruct the skin, tissue reproduction whereby the skin repairs itself and tissue remodelling to ensure skin firmness. This concentrate is found in Guerlain’s latest Abeile Royale Youth Serum Firming Lift, Wrinkle Correction…

The concentrate acts like an “orchestra leader” to set into motion and activate the combination of these mechanisms that participate in the skin’s self-repair and stimulate the activation of target genes, said Dr Frédéric Bonté, director of Guerlain Research.

The brand also discovered an extraordinary bee – the Black Bee from Ouessant – that are free to gather nectar from the wilderness to produce honey of exceptional purity. To guarantee the highest quality, only royal jelly of French origin with controlled traceability is used…

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