Friday, October 22, 2010

Tunisian Propolis Extract Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth

Anti-Cariogenic and Anti-Biofilms Activity of Tunisian Propolis Extract and Its Potential Protective Effect Against Cancer Cells Proliferation
Anaerobe, Article in Press

Propolis is a multifunctional substance used by bees to maintain the safety of their hives. It is worldwide used for their potential therapeutic effects. In this study, Tunisian propolis ethanol extract (EEP) was tested for their anti-cariogenic, anti-biofilms and antiproliferative effects of many cell lines.

The Tunisian EEP was evaluated in vitro against 33 oral pathogens including streptococci and enterococci using broth microdilution method. The anti-biofilms activity of EEP was assessed via Crystal Violet staining and MTT assays. The Tunisian EEP antiproliferative effect was evaluated on normal (MRC-5) and cancer cell lines (HT-29, A549, Hep-2, raw 264.7, Vero) by the ability of the cells to metabolically reduce MTT to a formazan dye. Our results revealed that Tunisian EEP possessed excellent protective effects against cariogenic and biofilms activity of oral streptococci bacteria. Furthermore, EEP showed a strong antiproliferative effects against all studied cancer cell lines as judged by IC50 and its value ranges from 15.7 ± 3.4 to 200 ± 22.2 μg mL−1.

These results suggest that EEP could have a promising role in the future medicine and nutrition as antibiotic or food additive, it is able to inhibit cancer cell growth and counteracting cariogenic and biofilms activity.

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