Monday, August 11, 2008

Beeswax Used to Block Nasal Allergies

Hayfever Relief Without The Drugs
Outdoors Magic, 7/22/2008

With something that occasionally resembles summer being upon us, it's traditional for a significant portion of the UK population to sink into pollen-induced misery thanks to hayfever. If that's you, then you might be interested in a new drug-free pollen blocker called HayMax.

The classic answer to hayfever are antihistamines, but they can make you feel drowsy, which isn't necessarily a great idea if you're on the crux pitch of a hard scramble, or simply trying to enjoy the mountains.

The difference with HayMax is that it's not a drug, it simply aims to stop the pollen getting into your body in the first place. You simply apply it round the base of both nostrils two or three times a day to create what the HayMax people say is a 'pollen barrier'.

The product is made entirely from certified organic ingredients including beeswax from the Zambian rain forest, essential oils and vegetable, corn and sunflower oils…

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