Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Local Raw Honey Recommended for Allergies

4 Ways to Treat Allergies Using a Natural Approach
By Shari Rudavsky, The Indianapolis Star (USA) , 8/26/2008

…Allergy shots may help, but if you prefer a natural approach, you can follow these tips from Chinese medicine expert Maoshing Ni, a California practitioner and author of "Secrets of Self-Healing."…

Sweet relief: Another way to boost your immunity, Ni says, is to eat locally produced, unfiltered, unprocessed honey or bee pollen (pictured). It's important that the honey or pollen come from a local farm since the bees will have been exposed to the same pollen that bothers you, he says.

Start with a small amount, like a pinch, and slowly work your way up to a heaping teaspoon daily, Ni suggests…

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