Friday, August 15, 2008

What is Medical Grade Honey?

Ask Karen: Medical Honey
By Karen McNew, WSLS10, 8/13/2008

Q: What is medical grade honey? How is it different from the honey I would get from a bee keeper?...

A: I did some checking and found an article about medical grade honey on that had information similar to a story featured in health team on WSLS 10.

That article referred to the medical grade honey as a combination of ingredients including “Manuka” honey.

Here is the explanation given in that article titled “Honey I Healed the Wound,” “A new honey-infused bandage called Medihoney was granted approval by the FDA in November. It is made with highly-absorbent seaweed soaked in a special, sterilized Manuka honey, produced from the oil of tea trees in Australia and New Zealand. Wound management experts are ecstatic. Not only has it closed some chronic wounds that have defied modern drugs, it acts as a protective barrier against secondary infections.”…

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