Saturday, August 23, 2008

Video: Can Honey Help Cure Allergies?

Can Honey Help Cure Some of Your Allergies?, 8/12/2008

The sniffling and sneezing season is nearly done, and if it's kept you up at night with a stuffy nose, there's hope for next year. A new, non-invasive, chemical-free allergy treatment may already be on your pantry shelves.

It's local honey and it has advocates 'buzzing' about the purported health effects.

"My summer time was spent sneezing and watery eyes and I never went anywhere without a package of Kleenex," describes Annie VanElten.

But after a few years of eating the sweet stuff before those irritants normally act up, she now spends her springs sneeze-free.

"It's nice to know that you can actually ward them off with something natural," she beams.

The working theory is that by eating local honey produced near where you live, you're ingesting the same allergens that trouble you come April. And it's best if the honey is as unadulterated as possible, so you get a lot of the allegedly immune-boosting pollen…

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