Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beeswax ‘Ear Candling’ Recommended for Ear, Sinus Health

The Art of Ear Candling
Dr Diane Robertson, Jamaica Gleaner, 9/24/2008

Ear candles are handmade from beeswax and unbleached cotton cloths. They are usually nine to 12 inches in length and burn for about 10 minutes. Many practitioners of ear candling are now rediscovering this art. It is a simple and natural therapy that cleanses the ear canal and sinus passages.

It can also be used to detoxify the lymphatic system, for migraines, to restore some forms of hearing loss and improve clarity of hearing, sight and smell. During the process called 'convection', softer earwax and toxins will be drawn out of the ear, oxidised and turned into vapour.

You would not believe the volume of dirt, wax and toxins that build up over time in the ear canal. Ear candling relaxes and calms the mind; facilitates alert and clearer thinking; balances pressure in the ears and the forehead; relieves sinus congestion, snoring, sore throat and headaches and increases the quantity and quality of inner energy…


Ear candling should not be used if one has a perforated eardrum, had done sinus surgery or is experiencing bleeding or draining of fluids from the ear.

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