Saturday, September 27, 2008

Propolis Can Accelerate Wound Healing in Diabetes

The Anti-Inflammatory Agent Propolis Improves Wound Healing in a Rodent Model of Experimental Diabetes
Wound Repair and Regeneration, Volume 16 Issue 5, Pages 706 - 713

Foot ulcers and poor wound healing are problematic for patients with diabetes. The beehive protectant Propolis can improve wound healing but whether it can improve healing in diabetic wounds has not been investigated.

In this study, the effect of a single application of Propolis on epithelial closure, wound morphology, cellular infiltrate, and blood vessel density were investigated…

These novel data indicate that Propolis can accelerate wound healing in diabetes. As neutrophil infiltration is normalized, its mechanism of action may be through anti-inflammatory pathways.

This result and the established safety profile of Propolis provide a rationale for studying topical application of this agent in a clinical setting.

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