Friday, September 19, 2008

Canadian Ear Candling and Apitherapy Seminar

When: Saturday, September 20, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where: Goodness Me! Natural Food Market, 1000 Upper Gage, Hamilton, Ontario
Register: Ph: 905-388-8400 (ex.226)
Cost: $55.00 + GST

Annie’s Apitherapy” (a division“Dutchman’s Gold Honey & Maple”) Carlisle, Ontario - is providing this information session, to introduce theoretical applications as well as the many health-giving benefits of Apitherapy.

What is Ear Candling? Ear Candling is a soothing, therapeutic technique that directly removes the excess earwax and congestion from the ear and also provides a cleansing effect to the lymph-system. This harmless, non-evasive procedure can be used safely as a “home remedy.” The benefits include elimination of earwax build-up, relief of sinus irritations, reduced ear-buzzing, regulation of head pressure and balance and lymphatic drainage.

Please Join us for an exciting day of learning, practical hands-on activity, fun and great food. This full-day workshop will provide step-by-step instructions for using ear cone-candling effectively. Each participant will have the opportunity to have their ears candled, and will do the procedure to another during the workshop (2 candles are provided per person). Lunch, tea, apitherapy samples as well as interesting and informative handouts are provided. Extra ear cone candles will be available the day of the workshop for a special price for participants. A Certificate for workshop participation is also included.

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