Saturday, September 27, 2008

Company Gets ‘Free Range Bee Pollen’ Registered Trademark

To Bee Free Range Or Not To Bee?
JOEBEES All Natural Bee Pollen Chooses the Former and Gets a Registered Trademark Designation

Pembroke Pines, FL (PRWEB) September 26, 2008 -- Joe Blumenstein, founder and owner of JOEBEES®, wants the world to notice the little "®" that now follows the words "free range bee pollen" in his product's description. This registered trademark designation is significant in the evolution of the JOEBEES national expansion plan because it means no other bee pollen provider can claim that its product is free range.

"This is all-world, bigger than big for us," says Blumenstein, who is known as Joe B. to employees and clients. "By establishing our product as the only free range bee pollen in the world, we've laid claim to the title of having the most natural and pure product on the market. No one else can ever say they are a free range bee pollen bee pollen provider. This is crazy huge for our company."…

JOEBEES can lay claim to the free range title because its apiary is based in remote northern British Columbia, where the bees are allowed to harvest pollen in an open and expansive environment…


Anonymous said...

All bees are essentially 'free-range', even if they are trucked here and there and even if JoeBees has slapped a trademark on the name. Smart business move, but like patenting genes, it is massive hubris to try and claim that they "own" the free-ranging behavior of bees.

Anonymous said...

I disagree anonymous.

While all bees do "free range" when they forage whether trucked in or not, to truly free range in an open and natural environment is different and based on what I read that's what they are saying.

I don't think they are saying they own the behavior either. I think the point is they are touting the free range behavior as a quality factor and I think it's brilliant marketing. I'm shocked that they are the first ones to do it. Besides the purpose of a PR release is to chest-pound, and that's what they are doing. Sounds like smart business to me.